Our Story

We came together over a paleo breakfast in an unlikely place with many differences, but the same hearts desire to inspire, challenge, call it as it is, and touch people’s lives in a positive way.

Most people would not think that a woman with a lifestyle of primal fitness, nutrition, hunting and fishing would join forces with a woman in hoops, heels and lipstick riding her motorcycle and does not go a day without the colour pink in her life. I bet you also would not guess that one of us is under 30 yrs. of age, and the other is over 30. Some say that “similar people stay together” and some say “opposites attract”. We are both different in skills, expertise and personalities, yet the same in our values, passion and zest for life and all it bears.  We focus on how our similarities work together AND how our differences work together. We are a powerful package sharing our powerful message around the world – That your most powerful moment, is right now, and it is what you do with this moment that matters most. –

Briana Wilson

Version 2

Deborah Wilkes