“Meat” Bri

My personal mission is to empower you to have full responsibility and control of your own health and enjoyment of life by helping you develop awareness and insight into health, wellness and being happy; A.K.A, to take YOU to a new level.

It is my dream that people everywhere wake up each day believing that they are as amazing as they truly are and be genuinely excited to get out of bed and take on their Powerful day with intention towards their unique purpose in life.  I want  to inspire millions to live the life that they truly want to live!

My biggest motivator is the pursuit of pleasure and happiness in my life, and millions of lives for generations to come.

My mission is to add value to people every day and change the lives of millions of people.

Whatever being Healthy means to you, I want you to have that. My goal is to always provide you with the latest research in primal nutrition and fitness because I believe that humans thrive best when they are living according to how humans were designed to live.

My intention is to inspire you, but I will also challenge you. Growth happens when you gain the courage to step out of your comfort zone and REVEAL who you truly are.

And You Don’t Want to Just Survive, You Want to THRIVE!

A physical health transformation is my primary growth motivation right now – Click here!

My hobbies: Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting and really ANYTHING outdoors! I move my body LOTS! I love playing sports and grew up playing competitive hockey, soccer, & rugby. Yessss… I am small and played rugby! Small but mighty. I got knocked down in life (especially at rugby up against some of the biggest, baddest and the best rugby women in Canada) and I alwaayyys got back up! Reading and learning, singing, paleo cooking, baking and of course eating, and being with my friends and family who are my deepest treasure !

Favourite Travel Destination: New Zealand is my top Place “To Go” .. it looks like it will be my favourite!

Favourite colour: Green

What I value most: Happiness, growth and enjoying every part of life, as well as family and positive relationships.

I am most passionate about: Powerful and primal food and movement and learning and growing every day.

What get’s me excited is when people discover their “aha’s” for themselves and then use that self-discovery to make positive changes in their lives.

My motto: A Powerful Life is all about balance. I do what I love, I play and have fun, I work my butt off, I challenge myself, and I grow. And I enjoy every part of it!

My favourite quote: This is one I wrote. “Live life in a way that the good days are great days, and the bad days are a victory!”

If you had to choose only one thing to teach anyone, what would it be?: Gratitude. By simply thinking and feeling what we are grateful for, we can completely change our mind and body and transform our life.

Professional Bio

  • Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach with extra credits in Sports Nutrition
  • Group Fitness Instructor Specialist through Canfitpro
  • Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with The John Maxwell Team
  • Certified Recreational Therapist and Nutrition Therapist
  • Degree in Biology with Minors in Psychology and History & Philosophy of Science
  • Mindfulness & Meditation study through Mindful Foundations
  • Certified in Concussion identification, responding and wellness practice